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Welcome to My Door Advisor, your premier door specialist in Malaysia. If you are looking for a company that offers all types of doors in Malaysia, you have come to the right page.

Our team takes pride in having years of experience in this industry. Our knowledge and dedication will help you have the best-looking door that adds appeal to your property while ensuring your security.

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Types of Doors We Provide in Malaysia

My Door Advisor provides different types of door for your need. We can recommend the style and design that suits your requirements.

Whatever you choose, we get the right dimensions, use only high quality materials and work with superior craftsmanship.

Here are the types of doors we offer in Malaysia.

Sliding Door Malaysia

Buying sliding door in Malaysia offer numerous benefits, one of which is space maximization, making this style ideal for those who want to save some space.

It is a practical choice for this door moves from side to side, a feature that is wanted by those who live in a limited space.

Size is also another advantage especially when trying to put something big in a room such as furniture. With the available options for sliding doors, you can surely find one that fits your taste and budget.

Feel free to know what sliding door we have.

Fire Door Malaysia

Fire doors offer safety for they can resist fire at a given time, thus helping facilitate quick evacuation during fire. This door type also minimises damage to property. They come in various ratings, determined by the duration they can withstand heat and fire. Common applications include exit points in buildings.

My Door Advisor can properly install fire doors for your peace of mind. Check out what our fire door in Malaysia today!

Toilet Door Malaysia

MyDoorAdvisor provides the right toilet door in Malaysia for your need. Toilet doors should be durable, for they are exposed to moisture.

Our team installs high quality, attractive doors that boast comfort. Choose from our classic panel doors, sliding glass doors and pocket doors. Our professional installers will be glad to assist you.

Wooden Door Malaysia

Wooden doors are a classic when it comes to doors. Whether for residential or commercial applications, wood boasts durability and appeal. This type of door also offers versatility in terms of design and security.

It can be tailored to as many designs, plus its natural strength allow them to last for years. Find out more about the wooden door in Malaysia offered by MyDoor Advisor.

Folding Door Malaysia

Folding door is perfect for those looking for more modern door design. The experts at

My Door Advisor can install folding doors that are also great for saving space and money. Folding doors can come in bi-folding or multi-folding design.

If you are not sure which one to choose, we will be thrilled to assist you in getting a folding door in Malaysia at an affordable price today!

About My Door Advisor

My Door Advisor is a professional door supplier in Malaysia offering installation and repair services. Our team is comprised of highly trained and experienced individuals with adept knowledge in the doors we offer.

Whatever the size, type and requirement of door you have, we can surely deliver positive results. We have completed numerous projects in the past and we are ready to provide solution to your door needs.

As a leading door manufacturer, we can support your demand for high quality doors and do it with your best interests in mind. Not only that, we also provide all types of high-quality door locks in Malaysia at a competitive price. This includes Smart Door Lock, Sliding Door Lock and more!

Why You Should Choose My Door Advisor?

High-Quality Doors

My Door Advisor commits to providing only doors that are of superior quality for better value for your money.

Our products are built to last and perform at their best.

Reliable Customer Service

We have a delicated support team that will answer any questions on purchasing a door. We provide personalized level of service that gives high regard to your needs. Our prompt response lets you become confident you will receive our service in a timely manner.

Adds Value To Your Property

The appearance and performance of our doors certainly add value to your property.

Whether you are looking to renovate your home or you need a door installed, we will recommend a door that is perfect for your need.

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