About My Door Advisor

My Door Advisor is a leading door supplier in Malaysia offering a wide product range including sliding door, fire door, toilet door, wooden door and folding door.

Not only that, we also provide all types of door locks in Malaysia at a competitive price.

This includes smart door lock, sliding door lock and more. Our company is committed to providing high quality doors following strict industry standards for both residential and commercial and applications.

At MyDoorAdvisor, we believe that a door is more than just a door. It could be your photos’ backdrop; your kid’s hiding place during indoor hide-and-seek, or a welcoming entryway into your home. It plays an essential role in creating first impressions to your family, but it should be tough enough not to welcome intruders. Experts say that a door can transform the design of a home. Our comprehensive selection of both interior and exterior types of doors in Malaysia gives you access to the detail and finish that will complement the look of your entryway or any of your rooms.

My Door Advisor’s Story

Founded in 1993, MyDoorAdvisor’s reputable profile has grown fast that it is now able to offer a wide range of products.

We started out small, but with big dreams of reaching out to a larger market across Malaysia. With the help of our trusted partners and team, we are able to achieve our objectives and continue to become one of the top door manufacturer in Malaysia with room for further developments with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

What keeps us strong in this industry is that we do not rest on our laurels; we continue to look for ways on how we can innovate and keep up with the evolving demands of the times. We believe that there will always be room for improvement not just for our products but also for our services. 

Our Vision

MyDoorAdvisor aims to be the leading door specialist in Malaysia with services that are in line with customers’ needs. We will strive to be a trusted company with comprehensive door solutions for residential and commercial sectors across the country.

Here are our top list of doors in Malaysia that we offer.

Our Core Values at MyDoorAdvsior


As a reliable door manufacturer, we are consistently providing top quality doors and locks, making sure we follow strict industry standards. We want our customers to stay confident on us whenever they call us for a project, big or small. Aside from top-notch products, we also stay consistent with our professionalism and customer support.


We believe in building reputation based on trust that is why we give high regard to honesty and strong moral principles. Our staff is trustworthy, and we take good care of them once they’re in. Working with us means working with people who will treat you fairly.


MyDoorAdvisor has been working creatively and passionately since it started to deliver doors that are aesthetically pleasing yet strongly performing. As an innovator, we work hard to provide products that live up to the changing demands of people. Our dedication helps us live up to this core value. We invest in automation and machinery for efficiency. Our talented team works closely to create cutting edge products, allowing us to reach a diverse set of customers.