People who love to keep their homes nice and tidy know the importance of the front door. A front door is not just a piece of decor, but it acts as a barrier against the outdoors. The front door leaves a good impression on anyone who comes to your house or even passes by your house. If you intend to sell your house, a nice front door will be appealing to the buyer.

You’ll agree that it is a great asset to buy wooden doors for your house. You’ll need to learn some methods to protect it if you want it to last for many years to come. Keeping a wooden door in good shape requires hard work and refinishing. A wooden door can never stay in shine if you do not take care of it. Sun can damage the wooden door in many ways. It can either damage the coat or crack the door.

There are many tips and methods that you can use to protect your wooden doors from sun damage, let’s see some of them.

Oil Your Wooden Doors

One way to protect your wooden doors is to oil them. Depending upon the type of wood, you can use tung oil or linseed oil to protect your doors. You can also use the combination of both oil, it will help to extend the lifespan of the door. Although it takes a while to dry, it is very effective in keeping the door protected.

Heat Persistent Paint

Along with the sunlight, weather conditions can also damage your door. It can cause cracks or even molds in the door that are very difficult to refinish, and it becomes hard to bring the door back to life. In some cases, you will need to change the door. But to avoid this difficulty, you can paint your door.

Heat persistent paints are available that are extremely effective in protecting the wooden door from sunlight while adding color scheme to your door. They also help in sealing the grain against moisture, so your door stays protected in any harsh weather condition. However, you can apply varnish according to the type of finish you want to make your door look impressive.

Apply UV Protection On Wooden Doors

One of the best methods to protect the door from sunlight is to apply UV protection to the door. Varnishes are available in the market with UV protection chemicals, they will help to block the UV rays directly from the sunlight on to the door. One of the most common varnishes is Spar varnish, it contains ingredients that help to block UV rays.

It is better than polyurethane, and it adheres without cracking and peeling. However, no paint or finish has ingredients or pigments that can block sunlight to affect the door. So, it is better to apply UV protection for the sake of your door.

Add A Canopy Or Shade

If you want to protect your door from sun damage, then what you can do is arrange something that will block sunlight from hitting the door. You can add awning, shade, or canopy to your front door. These will block all the direct sunlight to hit the door in every season and condition.

Adding a shade protects your door in the summer season. It will also keep your house cool, and in autumn it can hold off leaves from falling on to your door and mess your entrance.


It is important that you keep your things and belongings protected; otherwise, it can cost you much more to repair or exchange that particular thing. The same goes for wooden doors, these are not easy to maintain and take care of. Wooden doors easily get damaged by sunlight and other weather conditions. Not only that, you should also consider to learn how to refurnish the doors by yourself to make your house looks great.

It is important that you protect them so that they can extend their life, and you will not have an expense to change the door. Basic methods to protect wooden doors from sun damage are discussed. You can oil your wooden doors, apply heat persistent paint, or in most cases apply UV protection layers. These are very effective techniques in protecting the door from sun damage. Moreover, you can also add a shade or canopy to prevent sunlight from hitting the door directly.