A wooden door is a classic and great asset to a house. No matter how expensive doors you have in your house, nothing beats a wooden door with natural timber or oak. These wooden doors last for years and can be refinished or repaired if they get damaged. MyDoorAdvisor is very famous for wooden doors in Malaysia, and you can easily check out the doors online on the website.

Exposure to sunlight, exposure to rain, snow and even frost can damage wooden doors and makes them look worn out. But if you refinish the doors or maintain them regularly, the wooden door can last for years. But if the door had not been looked at for years, then it might need some restoration or refinish. There are some easy and simple steps that you can follow to refinish a wooden door by yourself at home without having the urge to call professional carpenters.

Remove The Door From Hinges

The first step of refinishing a door requires the removal of the door from hinges. You cannot work properly if the door is attached to hinges. Take a screwdriver and remove the screws from the hinges, after that remove hinge pins and lay the door on a flat surface or the ground.

Remove Door Hardware

When you have successfully removed the door from the hinges, remove any door hardware if you have. The most common door hardware is the doorknob and lock. Remove them properly without chipping or damaging the door. If it is the front door of your house, it may have some add ons like wreath and picture frames or flower baskets. Remove them all and let the door be raw.

Sand The Door

Rest the door on a sawhorse so that you can work on it properly. Use a palm sander or random-orbit sander to remove the remains of old varnish and other dirt particles. Sand the door with higher grade sandpaper to ensure the door is clean and free from any remains. But make sure not to over-sand the door as it will damage the wood.

Scrape The Molding

Get a small and sharp scraper that can reach corners of the door and to the end grain of raised panels efficiently. Now you need to pull the scraper with the grain, be very careful with the scraper and use both hands to avoid any accidental slip. Professional advice is to use two blades, trapezoid for scraping the flat part, and a teardrop for scraping the narrow part.

Hand-Sand The Door And Remove Any Dust

You will require 100-grit sandpaper, fold the sandpaper and start pressing it into the door with the help of your fingertips. Rub the sandpaper back and forth along the door in long sections. You can use a sanding sponge to sand the corners where your fingers can’t reach. After that, use a piece of cloth, brush or vacuum to clean the dust from the door.

Coat Top And Bottom Before Applying Hinges

After the removal of dust, keep the door on the sawhorses and seal the door’s bottom and top with a coat of varnish and finish. Put the door back on the hinges. However, if you don’t seal the bottom and top of the door, then there is a higher chance to damage the finishing when rehanging the door.

Choose A Finish Or Varnish

As there are many shades of wood and varnish finishes, you can choose the perfect finish according to your house or office. Soak a brush in thinner and apply the varnish with the mixture of thinner. Start with the panels and go with the flow; spread the brush in a straightway. After applying the finish, let the door dry overnight and do not close the door completely.


There are many ways in which you can refinish your house doors by yourself without the need of calling an expert. There are simple techniques and steps through which you can refinish your door. You need to remove the door from hinges first and then remove any door hardware like doorknobs and locks.

After that, you need to sand the door and scrape any molding that damages the door. Sand the door again with your hand and remove any dust with the help of a brush. Now you need to seal the bottom and top before rehanging the door to hinges. Choose a finish and apply to the door and leave it to dry overnight. These are the simple steps that you need to follow.