When we are repairing or renovating our home, it is important to consider even the smallest details. This is because we care for our home and want it to be impressive and beautiful. Whenever a house is being repaired, it is important to keep a check that the surroundings and the changes are complementing each other; otherwise, the repair will not enhance the look of the house. While repairing, doors need to be checked and in some cases need to be changed because they play an important role in defining a good look of a house. You can check out our latest doors available in Malaysia today.

The top 5 doors that are trending in 2020 are listed below.

Sliding Doors

If you are looking to save some space, then you should probably go for sliding doors. These doors are perfect where there is very little space. There are two options for sliding doors that you can choose from, and they are trending as well. Glass sliding door and wood sliding door, these both are very well suited for sliding.

To make your house look impressive, you can use a sliding door instead of walls. If you want a sliding door for the living room or kitchen, then it is recommended to go for glass sliding doors as they look very stylish. But if you are looking for bedroom or lounge sliding doors, then an old wooden touch will add luxury to your house. Wooden sliding doors are minimalist in design and combine with almost every surrounding.

Inlaying Doors

Inlaying doors are super trendy, and they look extremely stylish and elegant. These inlaying doors are made from different types of wood, you can order as you like. These doors look perfect with a touch of small ornaments. You can also choose some minimal or abstract content for the room as it will enhance the decor of the door and room. This is how you can design any room and make it relevant to the inlaying door.

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High Doors

Today, high doors are very much in trend as they tend to help to raise the ceiling. The height of doors can be achieved by either elongated doors or by the use of transoms. Depending on the look and requirement, these doors can be rectangular or semi-circular in shape. The doors with transoms look much more fashionable as they bring more light into the room. High doors not only increase the height of the ceiling virtually, but they also look luxurious. However, by the use of transom, these doors can be colored or made transparent by the use of glass.

Wide Doors

Wide doors will suit your home if you plan according to it, which means that the walls have to compliment the doors. The canvas or landscape design on the wall should match the door so that it can look good. Wide doors are very much in trend in 2020 but with a tricuspid fashion. These doors are perfect for classical interiors as they look simple but beautiful.

Three-Equal Panel Doors

One of the most common and always trending designs of the door is the three-equal panel door. The door with three equally spaced panels looks engaging and compelling. The good thing about this door is that it fits into different architectural designs. Different shades of wood bring attraction to this door and more people are inclined towards it.


When we are planning to re-decorate our house, it is important to see what is trending. Staying up with the trend allows us to look modern and stylish. People that are not very much into trends are looked upon as traditional and old thinking people. The same is the case when you are looking for doors.

There are many door designs that are trending in the market. Make sure to follow new and trending designs so that your house can look good. There are high doors, wide doors, sliding doors, three-equal panel doors, and inlaying doors that are trending in 2020, and we should look for them when considering changing our doors.

My Door Advisor has all these trending doors available all over Malaysia. You can select the door you want according to your house or office. We update our collection according to the trends. For more information, feel free to contact us.