People are very fond of decorating their homes and making their house look good. They may have beautiful walls and chandeliers, but sometimes doors are left out of consideration. Interior doors play an important and vital role in making a house beautiful. There are many types of doors from which you can choose. But the most important thing while choosing the door is that you should consider your house walls and environment. Choose a door that will compliment your house perfectly. My Door Advisor is one of the top Malaysia door supplier. You can find all types of doors in Malaysia here.

Doors are not just a piece of decor to your house, but they provide privacy to your family from the world. Nowadays, soundproof doors are also available that will help reduce the noise pollution in your house. For example, if you have an infant in your house, then this door will make sure that the child sleeps peacefully. It is not necessary that any door you choose can fall in your budget, sometimes people are bound because of it. So, it is better to consider all the possible options that fall within your budget so you can decorate your house accordingly.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors in Malaysia are very much in trend these days. These doors are top picks of customers whenever they are installing a door. It is beautiful, easy and cost-effective. Sliding doors come in a variety of materials that are wood, aluminum and etc. You can choose the door according to your liking. These doors can be colored if you want to match the door with the theme of your room.

Hinged Doors

These are the most common and popular kinds of doors that you can find in every house. The door hinge is attached to one side of the door that allows the doors to rotate about a fulcrum. These doors are widely available in every kind of material whether it be wood, aluminum, or even steel. Hinged doors are very easy to operate, and we all are aware of it.

Folding Doors

These doors are exactly what the name suggests. They are foldable. For example, when you open a closet you pull the door, and it folds into two parts that come outwards. A folding door is efficient if you have very little space.

Pocket Doors

If you want to save space, these pocket doors are perfect. These doors are built into the wall during construction. A pocket in the wall is made for the doors, so when you slide the door, the door goes into the wall and saves space. It is very efficient and impressive as it is concealed, no hinge or extra space is required.

Barn Doors

Barn doors are super impressive and efficient. They just transform the look of any house. A barn door slides on the rail that makes it space-saving and functional. Usually, barn doors are bigger in size than a regular door. However, you can customize it according to your needs. These doors are getting common day by day, and people are really looking forward to them.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are a beauty of their own. They are very impressive as they rotate on a vertical axis. Pivot doors can also achieve a rotation of 360 degrees swing. Everything about this door is appealing, the size, their handles, and its versatility to be made from different kinds of materials. If you want to make your house appealing and attractive, then these are the doors to go for.


A door increases the beauty of the house. Without a beautiful door, a house is just simple and bland. Doors increase the look and appeal of the house more if doors compliment your walls. There are different types of doors that you can choose from to install in your house. It is important to know about some of the door types so that you can make a decision easily. First, there are security doors and toilet doors. These are very common and popular in most of the house. Secondly, barn doors and pivot doors are perfect and beautiful

if you want to make your house appealing. Some other types which includes wooden doors; they depend on how you want to design your house as they are installed when the house is during construction, not after the house is made.