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In need of a new door for your home or business? MyDoorAdvisor got you covered. We have a wide range of doors to offer; including sliding, fire, toilet, wooden and folding doors. As an established door supplier in Malaysia, we create quality products and deliver results within the scheduled time frame. We believe that your door should be a worthwhile investment as your main point of entry and as your trusted provider; we can assure that you will get only the finest doors and excellent services. We even offer all types of door locks at an affordable price. This includes Smart Door Locks, Sliding Door Locks and much more!

MyDoorAdvisor provides complete door solutions that include identifying your needs, presenting upfront costs, selections and details and after sales. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced, and we offer superior support for your ultimate satisfaction. We aim to let you know about your choices so you can make a wise, informed decision that is perfect for your needs. We are here to offer doors that protect and beautify your property.

Types of Door We Supply in Malaysia

  •         Sliding Door Malaysia: Our sliding doors are an excellent option for home or office use. It is a good choice if you have a limited space in your room for you do not have to allot clearance to open or close the door. Side-to-side opening also allows for wider access, making it easier to move large items from one place to another. Sliding doors allow partitioning in a room to create smaller spaces as well. Check out the options you have for sliding doors at MyDoorAdvisor.
  •         Fire Door Malaysia: Fire doors give extra protection for they let you safely evacuate in case of fire. They are ideal for buildings or shared spaces. MyDoorAdvisor can provide you with fire doors that can pass government standards if you own a public building. Unlike regular doors, fire doors are built to withstand spread of fire at a certain period of time. Some places require fire doors, and we can be your source of high quality doors of this type.
  •         Toilet Door Malaysia: Toilet doors need to be durable for they are exposed to moisture. MyDoorAdvisor can offer durable toilet doors that are suitable for your needs. You can have space saving portable, sliding doors, or simple panel doors. Do not hesitate to call us if you have questions.
  •         Wooden Door Malaysia: The natural composition of wood makes it a versatile material for doors, no wonder it remains a popular option. It can be designed easily with different patterns, and with recent modern styles, wood has evolved from classic to elegant. MyDoorAdvisor can give you just what you wanted for your main door or other internal rooms. Check out our wooden doors available for you and you will surely pick one that matches your home or office design.  
  •         Folding Door: Whether bi-fold or multiple folds, MyDoorAdvisor can install excellent quality folding doors for you. Like sliding doors, folding doors can offer wider entryway and natural lighting. Modern folding doors can be very stylish to look at.

Why Choose MyDoorAdvisor?

High Quality Products: MyDoorAdvisor commits to providing only the finest quality doors and locks across Malaysia. Each of our doors is built to last and perform with little to no maintenance. We pride ourselves with talented craftsmen who deliver excellent output at all times.   

Affordability: We are among the door manufacturers that offer competitive pricing. We want customers to be able to have the door they want at prices they can afford.

Accountability: We match our outstanding quality doors with superior customer support for your guaranteed satisfaction. Our team is honest, prompt and reliable and we are dedicated to complete projects in the most efficient manner. We are ready to take care of your needs from start to completion.

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