Smart Door Lock in Malaysia

Are you thinking about going keyless with your door entry? MyDoorAdvisor offers a smart door lock that changes the way you enter your home or office. With the right smart lock, do not need to worry about losing or misplacing keys. The main benefit of using smart locks is convenience. You can let a friend unlock your door with ease, or worry about locking your door in case you forget to do so. Automation is the new generation of locks, and depending on the make or model of hardware, you can have virtual keys in place of conventional keys.

Why Choose This Digital Lock in Malaysia

It is time to upgrade your old lock, and there are good reasons why you should go smart. Digital locks are the newest entry point to modern homes. Aside from adding style and function, they offer convenience not possible with conventional types of door locks. Their availability is growing, so there will surely be a digital lock for you out there. Think about common dilemmas you have with your lock and imagine your smart lock solving it out for you.

The idea of digital lock is to add convenience, with features such as voice control and remote access. Advanced smart locks can be controlled remotely using your smart phone’s Bluetooth or wireless connection. This enables you to lock or unlock your door within Bluetooth distance or anywhere there is Internet. If you forget to lock it, your lock will notify you. If you are often away from home and you expect deliveries, you can provide the delivery person with a one-time access, which is made secure with proper surveillance or smart camera so you can still keep an eye on who enters your home. If you think this option is too advanced for you, you might consider smart locking solutions of MyDoorAdvisor for we also have all different types of door locks in Malaysia that might be suitable for you.

Schlage S-7800 Push & Pull Electronic Lock

Among the high quality digital locks we offer is Schlage S-7800 Push & Pull electronic lock. This unit features the brand’s patented push-pull door lock with fingerprint reader, built-in voice program, PIN, fob or card access, easy programming and auto relocking. Depending on your door orientation, you can easily set the internal/external handle to push or pull.

When opening your door, just unlock and push in one motion. To unlock, choose from the fingerprint reader, card or fob, keypad or stick-on patch. The voice program enables you to set it up fast. For additional security, it features an alarm that senses potential intruder attacks. If you leave it unlocked, it can relock. Schlage S-7800 is water resistant, so you do not have to worry about it being damaged by water.

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