Wooden Door Malaysia

Are you looking to replace your old door with a new wooden door? MyDoorAdvisor is here to help. We can offer helpful advice and a selection of high quality wooden doors that will surely suit your fancy. A new door will enhance the look of your home and offer a refreshing change. When it comes to doors, wood remains a solid contender. It is readily available, is durable and versatile, offering unlimited design options for customers.

When investing on a new door, it is best to pay careful attention for the right door can last for years. Wooden door Malaysia comes in a range of styles and configurations. The types of door in Malaysia you choose can affect your interior’s overall look. You need not be overwhelmed with the wealth of options available, just focus on the factors that will lead you to buying the perfect door for your home or office. Among these are style, opening mechanism, security and budget. Feel free to speak with one of our representatives to know more about our products.

Why Buy Wooden Door in Malaysia


Wood is a durable material that is why it is used for both residential and commercial applications. It can last for years and is resistant to corrosion, heat and other elements. When treated right from manufacturing to maintenance, wood can deliver for decades. Some methods are being dones to ensure that good quality wood is used. These include moisture control, which is done to protect wood against decay. Termite control protects it against termites and other insects. Compared to other materials such as steel, it is relatively lightweight and can support its weight better. It can store carbon, making 50% of its dry weight composed of carbon.


Wood is a standard material for doors because of its versatility. It can be crafted in a wide range of styles, from traditional to avant-garde. The “warmth” it brings to interior design makes it the most mimicked finish. It can be painted in any color scheme and since it is a natural material, it comes in unique grains and textures. It can also be made into different shapes and sizes, so wood is easily customizable.


The belief that wooden doors easily warps or dents is a thing of the past. Manufacturers have carefully designed wooden doors to withstand daily wear and extreme weather conditions that it requires little to no maintenance.  Since it is wood, you do not have to worry about rust as well. Maintenance involves simple cleaning. Applying varnish or second coating once in a while will also help.


Wood has high R-value, a property that makes it an ideal construction material for it is not greatly affected by changes in temperature. Cold places with homes that need to be insulated prefer wood because it is a good insulator. In warm months, wood keeps heat outside. It is a natural insulator because it has air pockets in its cellular structure.


The right type of wood is renewable and sustainable. It is also environmentally friendly for it can store carbon and release oxygen, reducing carbon footprint. Unlike other materials, wood can be grown through planting. It is biodegradable so it is safe for the environment. Since it is readily available, wood’s life cycle has a lower impact on the environment.


A good quality wooden door is a good investment because it can last for years. MyDoorAdvisor offers a fine selection of wooden doors that offer good value for your money. Our door specialists can guide you in choosing the right wooden door that will suit your needs.

FAQs about Buying Wooden Door in Malaysia

  1. Do you offer warranty for your wooden door?

Yes, we offer a minimum of **-year warranty on material and repair.

  1. Do you also offer fire rated wooden doors?

Yes, we have fire rated wooden doors that are ideal for apartments or buildings. Feel free to check out our products or call us if you have other questions.

  1. Do you offer free quote?

Yes, we will happily provide free cost estimate. Contact us to arrange a visit.

  1. What is your delivery timeframe?

We do our best to complete your order in the most efficient manner. The entire order process can take around 4 to 6 days.

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